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Guilty Gear Photo shoot Day 2 photos!

Hi guys, photos from the second Guilty Gear photo shoot are now up!

I've also added a few more photos from the first shoot to the day 1 gallery:

We were lucky enough to have a day that was mostly sunny with a few cloudy patches, so good photography weather! I think I ended up with more nice shots than the first GG shoot, which is a relief, as I was the only photographer who was able to make it there.

I spent the majority of the day with my camera set to manual, so I'm very glad that everyone was so patient, letting me fiddle around to get a good exposure for each shot. ...but because of that, I'm pretty sure I ended up with better photos than I would have otherwise.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who participated in both shoots! You guys really are amazing cosplayers! =)

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Closed betaaaaaaaaa!!

That's right; it's actually happened. Interzone Futebol*, the soccer online game my company's been working on for the last two years, is actually in closed beta from tonight! ...and YOU, my friends, possibly the least sports fanatic group on the planet, have this unique opportunity to be one of the first to play it!


But seriously, if you are actually interested in playing, let me know and I can use my super awesome employee powers to get you an account. It's open to all of Australia, so even if you're over east, no problem!

If you're just interested in a taking a look at game play footage and trailers, go take a look here:

*means Football in Portugeuse, assumably will be changed back to football sometime in the foreseeable future.


Final Fantasy photoshoot photos!

Hi guys!

I sorted through my photos from the Final Fantasy photoshoot yesterday and I've posted the ones that turned out the best online:

I had a great time both cosplaying and running around taking photos with my shiney new camera. I honestly hadn't thought we'd have an opportunity to wear our old FFVII costumes, but running around King's Park weirding out the locals was great fun.

...and oh gods, being harassed by Korean tourists. That was pretty damn amusing. XD I guess I was asking for it, wearing that costume.

Thanks to everyone who organised the shoot and to those who took photos for me when I was in the frame! If anyone has any photos they would like the full sized version of, just ask.
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Hi guys, I know a few of you are rather knowledgable when it comes to cameras, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about cameras?

I've been thinking for a while about buying a more professional camera. What I'm looking for is a digital SLR camera in the $600-1000 range, with at least 6 megapixels, a decent amount of zoom and a flash (if this is too much to ask for, please insert laughter here).

I'm currently looking at these two:

Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated! =)
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PenCafe's in need of a new room

Hi guys,

PenCafe (our manga/drawing club) has just lost the room we usually use as the CIA, who was providing us with the room, is no longer a recognized club at Curtin. (GAH! No warning whatsoever!) we're now looking for other venues we could use.

Until now we've been lucky enough to have a room for free, which is why the club is also free to attend. If possible, we'd like to keep it that way, but unfortunately hiring rooms at universities or other venues is quite expensive (we're talking $20 an hour, or more). Even between the twenty-odd members, for a 5:00-12:00PM hiring that would be $8-10 each a week, and I'm not sure if people would want to pay that much. The committee is having a meeting tomorrow, so hopefully we'll come up with something.

 I know some of you guys have been on committees for cons or been part of other clubs, so if anyone has any suggestions or ways to help, then please let me know.
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KH2 Final Mix & Chain of Memories came in yesterday! <3 Finally, I was getting worried!

I've only done the first two floors of CoM so far, but OH, OH THE LOOOVE. It's so strange seeing KH1 Sora moving like KH2 Sora and with good Japanese voice acting! ...and also to be playing a game that you've played so many times but suddenly you have to worry about a whole new dimension! I'm still getting the hang of the controls, but it's been a lot of fun so far.
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Wow. I just realised that I probably have mild asthma. My mum's been saying I should go see a doctor to find out what's happening with my allergies (...and why I'm suddenly going through a box of tissues a week. Well, close to that anyway), and I wikipedia-ed it. Sounds like 60% of people with allergies also have asthma, and it might actually explain why every time I try to sing lately I end up in a coughing heap within ten minutes. ...happens sometimes with exercise too.

Why the heck did I not notice this sooner? O_o I feel so dumb... but to be honest, the idea of possibly being able to get something to clear my throat is covering this with GLEE.

Anyone up for karaoke when I'm better?
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Okay, I just felt the need to kick the last post off the top of my journal.

I'm feeling much better now, not quite back to normal, but better. Thanks for your support. ^^; Those who know me probably also know I'm not the type to angst for long.

I now have material and some of a pattern made for Jam! ..but to be honest, I'm actually feeling kinda guilty after finishing my Kaylee dress three weeks before the con, so I've decided to try helping out Shasta and Cathy with their costumes before I go ahead and do lots of work on it.

The countdown:

GO3: 13 days
Swancon: 19 days
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: 11 DAYS! Eeeee! To pre-order I go!